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Ice Hockey and Wildlife Park


Went out to dinner at a Chinese restaurant that was lovely! Then headed off to the ice hockey. We watched the Blazers vs Tri-City. The game was entertaining to watch, although, the Blazers sometimes lacked the ability to keep possession and the greed to do so. Unfortunately, they lost 4-3, but the experience was extremely enjoyable and memorable.


Barb's grandson Peter, who is 6 years old was going on an excursion to the Kamloops Wildlife Park and so we tagged along. There were many species of animals but the main attraction was the Kermode Bear who, essentially is a white black bear. Part of the black bear family, yet not black. There were also coyotes, birds of prey, a lynx, a raccoon, llamas, camels, deer, big-horned sheep, grizzly bears, goats plus much much more. All in all it was great fun and a worthwhile experience.


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Last Week in Kam-Bam

sunny 15 °C

We were fortunate enough to be in Canada for Thanksgiving. On Sunday, Barb had 14 family members for the traditional Thanksgiving turkey dinner and all the trimmings. Food was delicious and the company was great. Even though we had met most of the family members it was great to have everyone in the same room together.


The next day we headed out to Adam’s Lake where there was one of the best salmon runs in British Columbia. Even though there weren’t too many salmon it was a lovely day walking around the lakes and finished up with cake and coffee at a lovely restaurant on the Indian Reserve.


The night after, we went to Sharon and Don’s place (friends of Barb and Brian’s). Before dinner Don took us up on a walk on a nearby hill. It was next to a golf course with lots of local big horned sheep) and had excellent views of the city of Kamloops.


On Wednesday Giaan headed off on her first visit to a Canadian school. Previously, G had been to see ‘The Martian’ with Brian’s secondary carer, Wendy, and her 2 daughters. Wendy’s youngest daughter was Ella and Ella went to St Anne’s Academy. Giaan was invited to spend a day with Ella at her school and thought it was a brilliant idea. All classes were shortened because they had a ‘carnival’ at the end of the day. By the end of the day, Giaan had decided that she definitely didn’t want to learn French and was terrible at interpreting art (sorry Nana). She played European handball that was excellent too!


Thursday we decided to a bit of shopping as our trip was coming to an end. Not much to report besides that we might have a bit of trouble fitting everything into our bags for the trip home. Luckily, a few weeks before had bought another huge backpack from a garage sale. It was SO expensive. The grand total came to $5!!! Looked as though it had never been used though, so we splurged.

On our final full day, we headed out to Paul Lake for a picnic. Darlene (Brian’s carer), met Barb, Brian and us at the lake’ parking lot. The food that we guzzled down consisted of: caramel popcorn, cheese pretzels, kabana, cheese, crackers, trail mix and chocolate pretzels. We also threw in some sliced apple, carrot sticks and cucumber slices just to seem healthier. After we were stuffed, Darlene took Giaan and Brian home, whilst Barb and Lesley went for a walk. Lesley also hiked up Gibralta Rock, and was rewarded with some stunning views of Paul Lake. Later that afternoon, Gerhard came over for our LAST SUPPER.


Heading off on the 5 hour bus trip tomorrow. Catching a few trains/shuttles that then take us to our accommodation (close to the airport). We will stay the night before flying out the next day at 4pm.

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Deep Lake with Gerhard

sunny 16 °C

Today we hiked up to the cell tower that was perched high upon one of the many hills/mountains in Kamloops. We could easily see it from the streets that surrounded Barb and Brian's house. Gerhard drove us to essentially the bottom of a close-by mountain. We hiked the rest of the way to the cell tower and then scrabbled through the untrailed bush from that mountain to another trail on another hill. We followed that trail until we reached a gorgeous water filled indent in the Earth known as Deep Lake. We walked around it and then continued the hike down back to the car. Gerhard stayed for lunch and a chat then headed home.

Later on we headed out for a Chinese dinner before going to a Blazers ice hockey game. The Blazers are a local team with players mostly ranging from 16 to 22 years old. Game was very fast and was hard to see the puck at times. A Huge contact sport but players are obviously are very safe with all the protective gear they have to wear. Quite a few smash ups against the wall a few fist fights during the game made it fun to watch. Pretty good atmosphere but unfortunately the Blazers lost 4-3. Great night though!!

On Friday went out to dinner with some of Barb's friends and then on to the Kamloops theatre to watch a play called "Don't Dress for Dinner", which was very funny. Good day in all.


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semi-overcast 12 °C

Knox mountain
We drove most of the way up the small Knox Mountain Park which, surprisingly, is a natural park. Then we followed a fairly short walking trail to walk further up to the peak. There were really gorgeous views of Lake Okanagan. Quite a busy place with lots of locals walking their dogs and mums pushing prams. Would be a great area to visit on weekends.
We then went down to the waterfront park before heading off to the Kelowna ice hockey arena. The park was beautifully maintained and the fall colours made it even more stunning. It was then time to head out to the wineries, something Barb and mum were especially looking forward to!!



The first winery that we is visited is quite famous and known as The Vibrant Vine. As soon as we walked in, we were handed some 3D glasses from the half barrel at the door. The store was FILLED with artwork that really was 3D. The wine bottles were (true to the business’ name) covered with swirling, vibrant, gorgeously vivid patterns. Also being sold were merchandise and clothes that were covered in their trademark designs. After observing the store we headed over to the tasting. Lesley and Barb tasted 4 general wines and an ice-wine in a minuscule chocolate cup. Giaan however, tasted two non-alcoholic ciders (cinnamon and apple). The girl who served us was actually Australian (from Mackay) who in addition to working at The Vibrant Vine worked at the day care up on Big White. She was an avid snowboarder and great fun to talk to.
The next winery we visited was called "The House of Rose". Giaan decided she would wait this one out in the car. It wasn't long though before Barb and Lesley returned with another couple of bottles. Last of all was a Cidery. Yum Tum Yum!!! here more bottles were bought but instead of wine the drunks came out with bottles of ice cider. Very similar to ice wine but half the price. Was more like a liqueur than a wine.


Big White
Headed out for a couple of walks today. Weather was so beautiful that we decided to drive up to Big White, a ski mountain with an elevation of 2315m.
Barb waited for us in the car, reading, whilst mum and I planned to hike up to the peak of the mountain. Unfortunately the turn off trail to peak was closed. Probably wouldn't have been able to get to the peak anyway due to the time and we were aware of the amount of time Barb had already spent sitting in the car. Didn't really see any wildlife but the views were excellent. In one way it would have been great to see bear but we were quite happy not to have the adrenaline rush. The trail was really well set out. All you had to do was follow the orange inukshuks which were very easy to see from beginning to finish. Inukshiks are monuments made of unworked stones that are used by the Inuit for communication and survival. The traditional meaning of the inukshuk is "Someone was here" or "You are on the right path."There was no way you could get lost. After climbing as high as we could go and spending a short time enjoying the cool, crisp air and the views we began our descent. Halfway down, we met two guys from Seattle who had completed the same route over Big White although they looked a lot fitter and had completed the hike in much less time. 2 hours after we had started we arrived at a stumble back at Barb's car.

The Trestles
The Myra Canyon Trestles were a series of 18 bridges and a few tunnels that a railway track used to run along. Now, however, the bridges are linked by trails for walking and cycling. The entire trail was 24km return, but Barb's little legs could only go so far, and we had other things to do . We ended up walking to the 6km mark before turning back, walking a total of 12km. The Trestles are one of the mail tourist attractions in Kelowna and was a terrific place to visit. Haven't ever seen anything like it.


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Lake Isobel

sunny 15 °C

The next main part of our Kamloops adventure was revisiting the gorgeous Lake Isobel . We'd been there with the whole family during the trip a few years ago and loved it. Just the same as last time, Barb packed up the hot dogs (soy for Giaan), rolls and other snacks. Having trouble lighting the fire we discovered the lighter was out of gas. Barb drove back down the road to borrow some matches from the Park Supervisor. The Park Supervisor and their family were currently out so Barb had no problem entering their trailer area, dodging toys, rubbish, dirty nappies and general belongings to "borrow" a box of matches that were lying on a table. We of course returned them, excluding the one used match before we left the park.


After stuffing ourselves like the respectable people that we are, our small stampede trampled through the trail around the lake. Hoping to see a bear in the wild, we only saw some local bird life, free roaming cows, a small snake and of coarse a couple of squirrels. A good hour and a half later, not without several screeches from Giaan, we were all ready to head home. The drive, took approximately an hour and shockingly, Brian only dozed off once.


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